S4 unuzde muthis seri akici bir note 7 keyfi.
Beyler ilk basta soyleyim Konu alintidir xda dan.
Soru ve istekleriniz icin Pm atabilirsiniz.


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>Mods And Fixes
>How To Install

About FirstFlight Rom
This Rom Is Based On Ale95 N5 Port With Proper Permissions And Credits
With All New Note 7 Themed Apps And Some S7 Styles/Animations/Apps
And By Debloating Some Sammy Unsable Stuffs It Performs Awesome

Listen All Devs You Are Not Allowed To Use Any Of My File Without My Permission


Some S7 Apps
All Note 7 Themed Apps
S7 Apps Compatible Frameworks

- S7 Weather
- S7 Fonts
- S7 TouchWiz Home
- S7 Music [N7 Themed]
- S7 S Planner [N7 Themed]
- N7 S Browser
- N7 Themed Messages (Floating Message supported)
- N7 Themed Smart Manager
- N7 Themed Gallery
- N7 Themed Sound Alive
- N7 Themed Email
- N7 Themed My Files
- N7 Themed Calculator
- N7 Themed Galaxy Apps
- N7 Themed Dialer and Contacts
- N7 Themed Clock (Fixed Alarm Bug)
- N7 Themed *****
- N7 Themed Voice Recorder
- N7 Themed Theme Store
- N7 Themed Theme Center
- N7 Themed Settings
- N7 Themed SystemUI
- N7 Themed Frameworks
- N7 Themed Other Apps [Scrapbook, SideSync etc...]
- Charging Effects
- Private Mod
- Many More [Install To FindOut]
- 420 Dpi (As Its Official In Note 7)

Camera Options [S4]-[N4]-[S6]
Heads Up Notification Option
Xposed Installing Option
Sound Mods Options
Viper4Android Option
Rom Style Option [Bloated] OR [Debloated]

Changelog V5.2 OTA
Fixed Samsung Notes Fc
Fixed Visual Bugs When Apply Theme
Added N7 Official SMusic
Added Marshmallow Easter Egg
Added Marshmallow Platlogo
More Stability

Changelog V5
Removed Ambient Display
Fixed Gallery Fc's
Fixed TTS Issues
Fixed Contacts App Voice Mailbox Bug
Fixed S Planner Widget Problem
Fixed Xposed Update Notification Issue
Fixed Weather Widget Fc's
Re-Themed Edge And Air Command Like N7
Re-Themed Apps More Like N7
Re-Themed Frameworks To Max Like N7
Added New Frameworks Jar For S7 Apps
Added S7 Clock With Fixed Fc N7 THEMED
Added S7 Calculator Fixed N7 THEMED
Added High Blur In Edge And Air Command
Added Back Clipboard
Added New Viper4Android In Aroma
Added N7 S Health
Added N7 Samsung Notes
Added Fake MM 6.0.1 In Build Prop
Many More Give IT A Try To Let Yourself Know

Changelog RC V7.5
Added Complete S7 Support In Frameworks
Added MM Platlogo And Easter Egg In RC Update
Fixed All Weather Problems
Updated 3Minit Battery Mod To Latest

New RomControl Link

Google Drive:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B28...dfRFlVeEU/view

Go To Twrp (Recomended)
Wipe (System/Data/Cache/Dalvik)
Flash FirstFlight
Choose Your Options In Aroma
Untick Reboot Option In Aroma
Flash OTA V5.2
Reboot (It Will Take 5-10 Minutes)
Enjoy New Rom
Only I9500 Users Can Install It

If you want to consider a donation, Please Donate To Ale95
He Works Hard In Keeping Our S4 Alive
And RC Credits Goes To Martillero As You All Guys Know....
RC Frameworks Doesn't Support S7 Apps

Download V5.2 OTA [Only Flash Over V5]
Google Drive:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B28...dQYmtwY3c/view

Download FirstFlight V5


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